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Our yoga retreat is located at Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, Perthshire. Situated within the beautiful Black Wood of Rannoch. Surrounded by ancient forest, lochs, rivers and abundant wildlife. Our yoga practice is suitable for people at all levels. Our yoga room is always warm and can be heated up to 40 degrees. Tanya; your Bikram Yoga Certified teacher will guide you through your practice. Warm Flow, restore, Yin and other yoga practices will be on offer from our guest teachers. Hot yoga is a great way to challenge & improve your mind and body. If you gift yourself a yoga holiday with us; you will be invigorated, yet de-stressed as you work through 2 yoga sessions per day. On your first day, an introductory workshop will be held so that you can gain the most from your yoga holiday. We can offer bespoke holidays to suit your requirements, whether its a short weekend break, detox, fitness, or you just want to try yoga for the first time. We also offer tai chi, reflexology and hypnotherapy. This is a workout that you will never forget. Your goal is to feel magical!


 Its difficult to give ourselves time, to de-stress,to get fit, healthier, stronger, to think or just relax.  Our Yoga classes will provide you with an opportunity that may lead to an improvement of your body and mind.   It is important to take a break from daily life in order to focus on yourself.  Each yoga class will last 90 minutes; offering a cardiovascular work out that you will never forget! The room will be hot, you will sweat but, we will guide you safely through your practice.

"You're never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from  scratch once again.” Bikram Choudhury 


Our offer - Yoga Holiday  We offer short weekends and full week breaks. For up to 8 people. We accept group and individual bookings.  3 Twin Rooms (shared occupancy) and 2  Rooms (single/double occupancy). Breakfast and Dinner is provided (hearty vegetarian food).  Hot Yoga will be provided in the  morning before breakfast and evening before dinner.  In between; your time is your own to explore, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings; or you can book one of our therapies.    Along with the planned activities, do what you want to do; chill, read, cycle, walk,  sail or climb a mountain!!   

AVAILABILITY 2019 and 2020


3 Nights/4 Days 2019

Arrive from 3pm.

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH

Event Details


3 Nights/4 Days 2019

Fri 11th Oct - Mon 14th Oct 19 - 1 place left

Arrive from 3pm.

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH


3 Nights/4 Days 2020 (from £420 - £460pp)

Arrive from 3pm.

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH

Event Details


3 Nights/4 Days 2020 (from £420 - £460pp)

Sat 11th Jan - Tues 14th Jan 2020   

Fri 17th Jan - Mon 20th Jan 2020 

Thur 23rd Jan - Sun 26th Jan 2020 

Wed 29th Jan - Sat 1st Feb 2020

Fri 6th Mar - Mon 9th Mar 2020

Fri 27th Mar - Mon 30th Mar 2020 

Thur 9th April - Sun 12th April 2020

Mon 13th April - Thur 16th April 2020 

Sat 9th May -  Tues 12th May 2020 

Wed 13th May -  Sat 16th May 2020

Fri 5th June - Mon 8th June 2020

Fri 19th June - Mon 22nd June 2020

Sat 27th June - Tues 30th June 2020

Wed 1st July - Sat 4th July 2020

Fri 24th July - Mon 27th July 2020

Fri 7th Aug - Mon 10th Aug 2020

Sat 29th Aug - Tues 1st Sept 2020

Wed 2nd Sept - Sat 5th Sept 2020

Fri 18th Sept - Mon 21st Sept 2020

Fri 9th Oct - Mon 12th Oct 2020

Friday 30th Oct - Mon 2nd Nov 2020

Arrive from 3pm.

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH


7 Nights/8 Days 2020 (from £700 - £840 pp)

Arrive any time after 3pm

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH

Event Details


7 Nights/8 Days 2020 (from £700 - £840 pp)

Sat 11th January - Sat 18th January 2020 

Sat 18th January - sat 25th January 2020 

Sat 25th January - Sat 1st February 2020 

Thur 9th April -  Thurs 16th April 2020 

Sat 9th May - Sat 16th May 2020 

Sat 27th June 2020 - Sat 4th July 2020

Sat 28th August 2020 - Sat 5th September 2020 

Arrive any time after 3pm

Gillean, Dall, Kinloch Rannoch, PH17 2QH

About Us

What to expect?


The Yoga - you will be guided through a sequence of Bikram and Hatha yoga postures;  in a room heated to between 30 and 40 degrees, allowing for your muscles to be warmed up and more flexible.  The sequence allows for the compressing and stretching of your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.  Rejuvenate yourself, your organs, nerves and glands as you breathe fresh oxygenated  blood throughout your body.  You will receive 2 classes per full day and in between classes, your time is your own.  During your stay expect a complimentary hopi-ear candle workshop and treatment. 

The accommodation - offered on a full board basis, cooking, cleaning and washing off your yoga clothes will be provided. 

Your yoga preparation!


We provide yoga mats & towels - but you can bring your own!

Bring a water bottle - you may need a sip or two during class

Wear light tight fitting clothing - sports bras, vests,leggings, shorts! Bring enough kit for your stay!

You will practice in your bare feet ! Bring flip flops or slippers.

Expect to remain in the room for 90 minutes.

Expect to sweat!

Your only obligation is to yourself!

Expect to be given instructions and prepare yourself to receive!

Our home is your home!


You will be staying at our home, located amongst the ancient Black Wood of Rannoch! Where the last wolf and last rogue of Scotland resided!  We have accommodation for 6 (sharing twin rooms), unless you want single occupancy?   2 further rooms next door at our local b & b - (single or shared occupancy).  All  guests can use the entire house, kitted out with books, games, tv,  a very cosy/comfy lounge, dining kitchen and 2 bathrooms with showers. we have a comfy reading area and a small conservatory, with a telescope for star gazing.   We will feed you well and you should expect  a full hearty brunch after yoga, a snack, if your peckish mid day and a full evening meal.  All meals are vegetarian. 

Some More Info

We can Flex!


You can come along on your own and book a room just for you or share a room with another guest.


You can book as a group, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

If the dates above don't fit with your schedule, tell us what does and we will do our best to make it work. 

Can't do 3 nights, tell us and we will adjust the pricing. 

Want to stay a little longer (most people do!), tell us and we will do what we can to make it work. 

How Much?


3 Nights

Sharing a Twin Room?  

 Will cost you £420 - £450 per person. 

Want your own space? 

Will cost £460  for your own room

7 Nights

Sharing a Twin Room? 

From £700 and £770 per person

 If you want your own room ?  £840

Full House

Yes, you can rent the entire house, get in touch for rates!

Getting Here


Flying in:   We are only 2.5 hours from Edinburgh Airport.   

By Train:  From Haymarket Train Station and get the train to Pitlochry.  Have a coffee in the numerous cafes whilst you wait for the bus to Kinloch Rannoch where we will pick you up. 

From Glasgow, you can get the train to Rannoch Station.  We will pick you up from Rannoch Station.

By Car: Directions will be sent once you book. We have parking.  

Or if you like to cycle, get the train to Rannoch or Blair Atholl and its an 18  mile stunning cycle.

Directions will be sent a few weeks before you arrive. 

Additional Treats


We offer a complementary hopi-ear candle workshop/therapy session for everyone.  In addition, enjoy some reflexology, Reiki and hypnotherapy by our master practitioner Brian Roache. We offer Tai Chi weekend workshops for beginners and those of you familiar with this practice. 



 Bikram yoga is suitable for people of all levels.  

Are you a teacher looking for a venue?


 If you are pondering on whether to offer your own retreat and need a venue, then give me a call (07702087460) or an email and we can discuss your requirements and arrange for you to drop in and see and feel this magical place for yourself.

The yoga studio and house can be used for all types of yoga/pilates practice. and other themed retreats.

Special Events



Wipe away the winter blues and welcome in Spring and Summer in the beautiful surroundings of the Black Wood of Rannoch.  We have weekend breaks throughout the Spring and Summer Months.  We can create a yoga holiday around you. Get in touch and let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Watch out for our guest teachers and other experts who will be holding their own themed retreats throughout the year.

Karma - contact us, we offer 1 - 2 places to people who are happy to help us manage the house for the weekend in return for board and yoga!


Your schedule

Treat yourself to an challenging and invigorating week/weekend.  This will consist of: 

Arrival day:- Settle into your cosy bedroom, familiarise yourself with our beautiful surroundings. 1 Hot Yoga workshop to understand the practice;  followed by a hearty vegetarian meal and get to know the other guests. 

Daily:- wake up to  a 1 x 90 minute Hot Yoga class or Warm Flow.  You will be provided with a delicious brunch. The rest of the day is your own. Have a forest walk, cycle, read and relax or sit and meditate by the loch! During the day we will provide you with  a mid afternoon snack: this will be alight snack, as a further hot yoga class will be offered and finally dinner will be served at around 7.30pm.  

During your stay, join us for a walk in the magical forest surroundings. We will sit by the loch and have a picnic. The brave can go for a swim!

Weather permitting, we have a heated outside area for a BBQ and fire pit.   Cozy blankets will be provided. 

Departure:-  Hot Yoga, followed by Brunch then your off home, feeling fabulous!


Our Menu

Don't worry if your not a veggie!! Our meals are made with your health and energy levels in mind. for example:-

Brunch - Cereal, yoghurt, toast, porridge, fruit salad, avacados, scrambled or boiled eggs.

Snack: - Soup or cheese, fruit  and biscuits

Dinner - Vegetarian -e.g. Chili, Risotto, Filo Feta and Spinach pie, Veg Curry, Lasagne, baked potatoes, Fajitas, Pasta:  - all served with veg, and,salad.

Puddings - A light desert will always be provided and always delicious.

Please inform us of any allergies or specific dietary requirements!

We will also provide vegan  and gluten alternatives .

Questions you might ask!


I have never done yoga before, can I do this?

YES!! This series of postures has been created for all levels including absolute beginners.  Be patient with yourself, don't compete with your neighbour and don't expect to do everything the first few classes; pace yourself, its ok to stop, pull yourself together and with your own determination and will power, get right back into it.  You should expect an aerobic cardiovascular workout.  Your teacher will encourage and guide you.  Just try the right way; your obligation is to yourself to go to your own personal limit and get 100% benefit as you stretch your body and spine.

Can I eat or drink before class?

You should remain hydrated throughout your stay. However you should not exercise on a full stomach, so eat light at least 2 hours before a class.  

Are there some ground rules?

"Haud yer wheesht" Yes, the yoga room is a quiet space, the teacher will do all the talking!

"Dinnae go for a saunter" Stay in the room, no skedaddling,  even if you feel that  you are struggling.  The savasna at the end of the class is expecially important and you should aim to stay in the room with your eyes closed for at least 4 - 5 minutes, allowing your body to rest, recharge and set you up for the day.

"Thirsty? Feeling crabbit?" You can drink small sips of water between postures, but not during a posture, this will distract others who may be concentrating on a posture.

"Drookit?  Don't sweat over it!!!  Sweating is obligatory, it's your bodies natural way of cooling down, detoxify and energising your body.

"Canny breath, feeling peely-wally? "  If you feel dizzy, light headed or breathless - just stop, stand still or kneel down, focus on yourself in the mirror, concentrate on slowing down your breathing in and out through the nose!   Then get right back into it.

"Nae fidgeting" Stay on your mat, don't worry about what your hair looks like, the sweat, that your mat or your towel needs adjusting.  Look at yourself  in the  mirror, breathe, smile, focus.

"Pettet-lip?" - Seal your lips and always breath in and out through your nose (apart from the 2 breathing exercises at the beginning and end of class where you are instructed to use your mouth).  Breathing thru your nose prevents rapid dehydration through the mouth, filters the air around you and helps you stay calm.

"you are pure barry" - Know you are utterly wonderful and fantastic.  Enjoy the natural high after the class and the natural glow to your skin.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself and others!




Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries, or to learn more about our class schedules.   Call us:  07702087460 or email info@hotinthehighlands.co.uk

Hot in the Highlands,

PH17 2QH, Pitlochry, Perth And Kinross, Scotland, United Kingdom


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